Integrated design of a Bank building

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علي زواوي
مازن عبد الحق
ناصر ابو بكر
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Due to all the advantages and the role it plays in preventing future small or catastrophic consequences, integration design in buildings is a crucial component of any design stage in the modern building industry. The project we decided to work on is called "BANK." The primary factor that led to the selection of this project was its significance, particularly in light of the fact that banks have grown to play a significant role in Palestinian society and have altered the course of developing nations and contributed to their development. Because of their significance, banks must be made a comfortable and secure environment for both employees and visitors. This project presented us with a worthwhile challenge in creating an integrated. We found this project to be a good challenge in creating an integrated building design that manages to combine all aspects of the environmental, architectural, and structural design in the best possible way to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency and the best comfort for those who will use the building. This will allow the building to be environmentally friendly and be regarded as a green building. Along with ensuring that the initial cost of the building and the operating costs remain within the bounds of reason and even attempt to make it as low as we can, all these goals will be met. By comparing, modifying, and gathering data using engineering software programs like Revit and Design Builder as well as construction simulation programs like ETAB and SAP, we will assess the building and the site.