Operations Improvement at Nablus Specialized Hospital

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Daraghmeh, Amani
Moeen, Ashjan
Hnini, Muhamad
Suliman, Sally
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Generally, The Palestinian health sector faces many challenges that prevent the development of health institutions and affect the quality of services offered. In this project, we have targeted one of the most important Palestinian hospitals, Nablus Specialized Hospital, which is a non-governmental hospital that provides health services to different categories of the Palestinian people. The purpose of this hospital is to apply tools and techniques that we studied in industrial engineering and to reflect these concepts on real life. In order to improve the system in general, the focus of our study was on the development of some of the hospital's departments of the ground floor (kitchen, laundry, radiology laboratory, medical supplies store), based on the results of the evaluation tool developed and used in the project. As a result, after deeply understanding of the processes we studied, firstly we created models for the work procedures for these sections, so that there were no clear and documented models. secondly, samples were developed describing the job description, and finally we applied the 5S quality tool to both the kitchen and the store, Medical and as a result have been creating and providing good spaces within these stores.