Aurora (self-driving car)

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Khatatba, Rola
Badawi, Salaheddin
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Aurora is the implementation of a self-driving car, that uses image processing to detect the direction of the street and move along the angle, in addition to the detection and recognition of traffic road signs and traffic lights. The outcome which is the behavior of the car and the movement, is gained as a result of the processing of the former inputs with the help of a few techniques and algorithms. It was developed using a mini robot car skeleton installed with motors at the wheels, connected to a raspberry pi controller as well as a camera module and other additions. Tested on a miniature path with models of traffic signs and lights. This device is aimed to improve the quality of driving on the road and to reduce traffic accidents as the robots cannot be distracted as humans, with the inclusion of an obstacle detection system to avoid sudden collisions. It can also be useful in other applications like an inside robot.