Analysis and Improvement of Hazardous Traffic Locations (Black Spots) in Nablus Governorate

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Lama Majdi Odeh
Mira Ra’ed Hijjawi
Tareq Ayman Nazzal
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With the constant increase in motorization levels, road crashes have been increasing in many parts of the world, including Palestine. Road sections or intersections with high traffic crashes are typically referred to as “Black Spots.” This project focuses on the black spots in Nablus' Governorate. Nablus Governorate is located in the north of the West Bank. it is the heart of various economic and educational centers, as well as a densely populated area with a large number of vehicles. Nablus is the Palestinian Governorate with a high frequency and rate of road crashes. Mainly, this project aims to analyze the existing formula to detect the black spots in Palestine and modify the formula as needed taking into consideration crash frequency, rate, and severity. The types of crashes and their causes at the black spots in Nablus Governorate are analyzed. The black spots data was collected from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MPWH) Mapping Portal web and traffic crash data for these spots were collected based on crash reports from the General Directorate of Palestinian Police. A modified formula to detect black spots in Palestine, taking Nablus Governorate as a case study is presented. Also, proposed improvements for the black spot locations are provided. These improvements might include geometric and traffic improvements, needed education and awareness, and enforcement, among others. Furthermore, recommendations at the policy level will be provided.