An Integrated Design For Nablus Municipality Building

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Kanaan, Anhar
Abdat, Marah
Mwafy, Raghad
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This project is an integrated design for the municipality of Nablus. It aims to expand and develop the municipality building according to the population increase, in addition to the fact that the building is very old. The project includes an analysis of the building in terms of location, architectural distribution, standards and environmental conditions, then the architectural design was modified according to international standards, then the building was designed structurally, environmentally and electromechanically (lighting, HVAC, acoustics and fire extinguishing systems) and calculating quantities and costs in addition to using solar energy through The use of photovoltaic cells. Various computer programs have been used during project analysis and design such as ETABS program, SAFE program for structure, AUTOCADE drawing, REVIT for architecture, DESIGN BUILDER, DAIALUX for lighting, ECOTECT, INSUL EASE for acoustics, then we finally came up with an integrated design for the municipality building.