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Abu Dura, Hanan
Abdulhadi, Nuha
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Collecting students ’marks, grade multiple choices questions, and moving the output to an Excel sheet requires time and effort. In this project, we have introduced an application that reduces this time and effort by using the camera to read the students’ marks, grade the multiple choices question and read the registration number through the camera, and enabling the user to obtain an Excel sheet containing the students’ final marks and registration numbers as well as their names. This application also gives to the user the possibility to add many courses as well as many classes to the same course at the beginning of the semester. This application helps the user to obtain results related to the exam such as statistics and final report. In order to obtain these results, the user must take a picture of the correct answer only by directing the camera to the paper correctly and the application stores the answer and then the user takes pictures of the student answers as well as a picture of the paper containing the student’s marks in the other questions and automatically the application compares the student’s answer with the correct answer. To do this we used OpenCV Library to grade multiple choices question and OCR, which is designed to read the printed font, so we have trained it to read the handwriting digits, to read the student’s marks in other questions, we have found from testing that the average error from training Tesseract OCR engine 10%, and we have found from testing that the average error in grade multiple choices questions is 5%, but we did many things to reduce these ratios.