Object detection and tracking system

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Da’as, Oraib
Shehada, Safa’
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Object detection and tracking system is vast and complex area of computer vision where robustness, accuracy and run-time performance are of critical importance, due to increase its utilization in monitoring , security and many other application , so that the researchers always compete to put more efficient algorithm . Our project focuses mainly on the basis to implement the object detection and tracking based on its color, which is a visual based project. The mechanism in which the project works is based on taking the video/image data of the object being tracked, which is the ball in our project where they are continuously captured by the camera which is interfaced to the Raspberry Pi. It will track the detected object by placing the ball initially in the middle of the camera. The visual data captured by the camera is processed in the Raspberry Pi and the object is detected based on the color and if the object is detected, the dc motor is rotated in such a way that wherever the object moves, the car will be follow that object.