Assessment of Al-Manara Mall

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Basel Aker
Fadi Melhem
Hala Khayyat
Tasneem Mletat
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Construction is one of the most important economic sectors in the world and it plays a major role in the development of any nation; for many centuries, it was considered one of the major indicators for measuring the economic growth of countries. The construction industry is different from other industries because of its unique characteristics, which include the construction process, project management methods, working environment and conditions and worker behaviors. The construction sector is one of the key economic sectors and is the main force motivating the Palestinian national economy. The construction sector has occupied a very important position relative to the rest of the economy, attracting investments and creating new jobs. AL-Manara project is massive mall with multiple services, which covers management functions of projects and how-to breakdown the structure to small activates, so it was necessary to work time table of the project schedule and estimating cost by using Primavera P6 project. This project is about the Assessment of AL-Manara in Ramallah city, which is under construction in this year, this assessment will include: • Studying the construction documents of the project, • Prepare a work breakdown structure for the project, • Estimate the time schedule for the project using Primavera P6 project, • Conduct systematic quantity survey for the project, • Estimate the detailed cost for the project The main target of this report is to make sure the possibility of solving any problems that might face the contractor within fulfillment the project. In addition, we have to make sure that the project committed to the estimated cost, quality and scheduled time.