FLY CAR Rent Car & Order Taxi

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Rahaf Ahmad Rasheed Melhem
Seema Mohammed Abd-Alhameed Nassar
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Nowadays technology occupies a large space in our lives, especially in applications aimed at solving a problem. It is good that technology has recently been added to create modern technological solutions This project is based on two parts, the first is to solve the problem of road crises through the taxi order section, and the other part is car rental. The first is a taxi order, where taxis are distributed at specific locations. The application displays the k-nearest neighbors' algorithm (three nearest taxis), so that these three cars are colored in a color (yellow), different from the color of the other cars. Of these three, the closest one is identified and colored (red). This is how they show the user the three closest ones on their site, plus the other part is car rentals. Any company or car showroom sends a request to the application administrator in a request to join our application to display their cars, so that the supervisor accepts or rejects them. Cars are booked through the calendar by specifying the days each user wants and others. We will talk about it in the next items. This project includes a mobile application. The Flutter framework, which is based on the Dart programming language, was used to create a mobile application. It also provides an API, which is an open-source server environment used by Node js to enable core features of applications and to handle the two types of databases used, 'MySQL'. And a web page was made for the admin in PHP