Nablus Municipality Reporting System (NMRS)

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shenawi, Noura
Abo Salah, Abed
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The municipality of Nablus suffers from some problems related to communicating with citizens in order to understand the extent of their satisfaction with the services, as well as inquiring and complaining about any problems they face. In order to facilitate communication between the municipality and the residents, it was decided to make such an application that is easy to use for citizens and provides submission of complaints by citizens in an easier, more organized and faster way. This project will be done through two parts: the first will be an application that is easy to use by the residents, and on the other hand a web page will be created to receive complaints and work on it through the municipality. The application is cross platform application using Ionic3, Nodejs and firebase database. This application will be applied to residents of Nablus and its municipality. The required information was collected through a meeting with the IT team from the Nablus municipality. This project will make communication between the municipality and the residents easy, close and more organized, and it will also help in solving some of the problems that the municipality suffers from, which is to ensure the water supply for different regions and areas in the city of Nablus.