Comprehensive study for medical gauze factory in west bank

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AL-Berawi, AbdulHadi
Abu Saleh, Moath
Najjar, Farah
Surakji, Raghad
Awad, Abdullah
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Medical gauze is a light material used to treat post-surgical cuts, deep wound healing, and other types of wounds. The gauze dressings can be medicated, antiseptic-impregnated, or designed for wound debridement, particularly in situations where the wound is deep and necrotic tissue may be present. Our project study the feasibility of establishing a medical gauze factory in Palestine. In this project, the importance of the medical gauze was highlighted. Where gauze is divided into two categories: woven and non-woven. In this study, we have focused on the woven type in the production line operations. Due to the increasing number of surgeries and the increase in awareness about the use of medical gauze and medical products, this factors that drive to think about building the factory and increasing production demand. After describing the benefits of medical gauze, we determined the amount of medical gauze consumed in the private sector and the government sector in Palestine, as well as the amount of medical gauze imported from other countries. Also, we described the concept of market share and its calculation using three different scenarios. In addition, we focused on how to manufacture medical gauze from the beginning (raw materials) to the end (final product), and we were familiar with the production equipment and manufacturing machines, their costs, and their features. We designed a plant layout that includes warehouses, staff offices, equipment and machinery arrangement, as well as calculating the area of each plant section based on a 30% scenario of market share. This project is economically feasible, but there are major factors such as the cost of shipping, it is possible to postpone the establishment of the project on the ground.