Environmentally friendly Mosque

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Omareyah, Mohammad
Mizher, Ahmad
Omar, Alaa
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Because the most common designs in Palestine for mosques, which do not take account of integration in terms of design, architecture, mechanical, and especially it does not take into account the safety aspect and its terms, so we'll try in this project all mosque design these conditions, and provide integration. The main objective of this project is to focus on the environmental side, and a green mosque design through the use of Isolators, solar, using solar chimney in the Minaret, and air ventilation opening at the top of the dome and Underneath to make air circulation, and use phase changing material .because from seeing to Palestine mosques in General, they suffer from the problem of cooling, which uses very high electrical power in pray time ,however Worshipers doesn't feel Thermal comfort . In addition to this, the project takes into account the architectural aspect, Mechanic and safety. Structural terms, the challenge is to reduce the number of columns in the prayer hall, where not impede arranging rows of worshippers. Architectural terms, spiritual and sensitive historic Islamic architecture, such as the dome and arches above the Windows and doors, niche. Practically speaking, this project is aimed at a rational use of electricity, by minimizing the need to use air conditioners, and cover most lighting devices consumption through solar cells, and on the other reduces the electricity need by exploiting solar energy in lighting during daylight hours through window apertures, in addition to using opening underneath the dome.