Design & Analysis for AL-Sha`ar Building in Nabluse City

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Ammar Khader Amr
Linda Fares Bsharat
Qusai Khaled Khalifa
Rami Omar Daraghmeh
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We chose to design this building because it’s the most common type of buildings in our country. This building can be divided into two main categories which are commercial and residential. The building is located in the eastern side of Nablus City, which is a highly populated area, so this building is useful for this area particularly. The building contains basement, ground floor, mezzanine and additional three floors. The basement has an area of 335.8 m2. The ground floor has an area of 401 m2. The mezzanine has an area of 397.3 m2. The last three floors have an area of 436.17 m2 each. Our objective in this project is to provide a safe and economical design of all structural elements, considering all possible loads, following modern structural codes and using computer programs, and for sure the manual checks. All of this will be achieved by studying and understanding the project, estimating the different types of loads on the structure, assuming preliminary dimensions for structural elements. Then, modeling the structure on modern computer programs like ETABS, AUTOCAD based on the last updated global structural codes, such as ACI 318-14, IBC and so on. After obtaining analysis results, manual checks will be performed to ensure that the model is realistic and correct. We’ll also be reinforcing every structural element in the project from slabs, beams, walls, columns, etc.