Automating and improving of Al_armoush store processes using odoo enterprise resource planning

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Tala Amjad Sudqi Armoush
Rand Jawad Ahmad Sabha
Zaina Mahmoud Fawzi Abubaker
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This project aims to design the operations of the Armoush store in Nablus using the Odoo ERP system to improve efficiency and reduce errors resulting from manual processes. Al-Armoush Store was established in 2020 and is located on Faisal Street in the city of Nablus. It specializes in selling children’s toys, strollers, beds, and bicycles. The current system is based on an intelligent innovative system, buying, selling and stock management, which leads to process and reason part synthesis. The main problems of a manual system include loss of information, difficulty in accessing it, wasting time, and high maintenance and storage costs. The project seeks to create a user-friendly interface, provide advanced functionality, ensure process integrity, enhance security, and facilitate decision-making with built-in analytical tools. Non-software goals include improving user experience, increasing customer satisfaction, improving order and inventory management, providing high-quality products, and keeping up with technological developments. Expected outputs include designing a graphical model to structure data and process flow models for the new system, which will contribute to facilitating operations and inventory management, reduce financial errors, and enhance the overall efficiency of the store.