AIEN Artificial Intelligence Electrical Nose

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Ameer Abo liel
Malath Ghazal
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nspired by the high drug smuggling crime rates all over the world, and due to the fact that current mechanisms of drug detection in airports cause discomfort to many travelers worldwide, the need for new reformed detection mechanisms is constantly growing. Using trained K9 dogs could cause many fearful scenarios that could cause trauma to innocent patients. The new mechanism we are presenting to you shows instantaneous results about the material detected. This project presents an artificial intelligence electronic nose (AIEN) for detecting and identifying various odors and substances. The AIEN utilizes MQ gas sensors and machine learning algorithms to analyze and classify different volatile organic compounds. A filtration system with ethanol is implemented to ensure accurate results between samples. The device also incorporates DC and AC fans and motors controlled by a microcontroller to automate the sampling process. Extensive testing produced consistent characteristic odor profiles and plots for different substances like perfumes and alcoholic beverages. The fusion of gas sensor technology with artificial intelligence offers an innovative approach to processing complex olfactory data. AIEN provides a proof of concept for the capabilities of intelligent odor detection systems in fields ranging from quality control to law enforcement