Modified Design of Zafer-03

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Abdo, Nour
Khalili, Hamzah
Bustami, Muhammad
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Nablus city is considered as a Palestinian commercial and economical center containing very important and modern milestones and commercial centers. Regarding the importance of designing commercial centers, this project was chosen to be redesigned. “Zafer 3” center considered as one of the most famous commercial buildings in Nablus city. The objective of the project was studied and analyzed in many aspects including architectural, structural, environmental, and mechanical, and compared it with the specifications required for commercial buildings. In this semester a new design of the building will be designed in all aspects mentioned above to solve all the problems we encountered during our study of the situation Located in the building. In the architectural design, the current plans were evaluated and assessed using AutoCAD software, it has focused on studying the building shape, functions and cars accessibility. Also, for the structural design, the building was studied and analyzed. In the mechanical and electrical design, HVAC, sanitary system, power and lighting systems were evaluated and checked. Different programs were used to improve the effectiveness of the building such as: Design Builder and DIAlux evo programs that were used in the environmental design. Finally, Public safety design was also taken in considered during the work in this project.