Hand Gestures Controlled Robot

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Rabay’ah, Samah
Rabay’ah, Maha
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It is wonderful that everything is controlled remotely, without the need to move from your place or exert any effort. Keeping up with this technological development, there are many devices that can be controlled remotely using several methods such as mobile phone or remote control or even some human senses such as sound, movements, gestures and others. This project is a car that moves in all directions through hand gestures using a glove. This car can also remember the last path that passed and return it either in the same direction or back from the end to the beginning. The car also can recognize and avoid barriers during movement. This project will be designed using Arduino and consists mainly of transmitter and receiver. Basically, 7 different signals can be sent from the transmitter by 7 different hand gestures. Accordingly, the car is directed either forward, backward, right, left, stop moving, return the same path or return the path in the opposite direction.