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Dana Ramadan
Mayssan Nabulsi
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Laziness, procrastination, and delay are some of the biggest problems facing a person in this era, and breaking his/her inherent habits is one of the most difficult challenges. As psychology says, “habits are formed by the repetition of certain actions, reinforced and strengthened by an increase in the number of repeated actions, despite that habits are weak and can be overcome, Reversible habits are formed by the repetition of the opposite actions of the behaviors that are intended to be eliminated. Therefore, using this application will help users to abandon bad habits and replace them with good ones, in addition to creating new habits and an effective daily routine through a set of steps based on several psychological and behavioral studies, which will enable them to achieve their long-term goals. The use of this application will be very simple and smooth so that all groups and ages can use it. What is the purpose of a time management application that takes so long to use and learn about its contents? The goal is to eliminate procrastination, not increase it!. With easy guides and interfaces as well as frequent alerts it will help establish new habits and routines, and it will also suggest to the user new habits with frequent use according to his interests. The development process will likely be done using the flutter platform, drat language as well as some machine learning. Many similar applications have been developed in this field