Colored-balls Collecting Robot

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Shehadeh, Asmaa
Alawneh, Nareman
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Kindergarten teachers face difficulties when it comes to tidying up toys and balls once children have finished playing with them, as the repetitive act of collecting balls takes time and effort. From here the idea of this project came. The project's purpose is to design a robot that collects balls from the kids playing area using its arm and sorts them into the designated baskets according to their colors, the robot will also be able to avoid obstacles facing it using ultrasonic sensors. To analyze the kids' zone, Raspberry Pi and camera module will be used as the main controller through image processing, the image processing will be focused on detecting two shapes and three colors, the first shape is a circle for the balls, and the other is a rectangle for the baskets. Based on the results of image processing on the captured frames, Raspberry pi will communicate serially with Arduino Uno to do needed adjustments on the robot actions.