Techno-Economic assessment of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System in Sohar University, Oman

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SaadAlDin, Ahmad
Omarii, Salma
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Nowadays the world need of energy is increasing towards renewable energy, such as wind, geothermal, photovoltaic, etc. and because photovoltaic technology has the most attention source of renewable energy sources, and as some areas still do not have a public electricity service. So to overcome this issue some specialized committees have established photovoltaic (PV) systems and to guarantee the continuity and the productivity of these systems and to improve it we must assess a techno-economic part of these systems. The methodology were used is mixed approach (mixed methods research) that involves collecting, understanding, and analyzing the data (quantitative and qualitative).So, in combinations, technical and economic factors are examined using a computerized renewable-energy technologies assessment tool. Mathematical equations are used based on the real data in order to provide accurate mathematical model for the proposed PV system. The data where this study lays on was taken from Sohar University in Oman; it was from the 1st of January 2014 to 31th of December 2014 except February. Two criteria were used to formulate this system, the first onetechnical criterion were this criterion used to evaluate the conductivity of the system by founding the yield factor, capacity factor and photovoltaic efficiency and other helpful relation. On the other hand, the second criterion was economic criterion were this criterion used to evaluate the feasibility of the system by calculating life cycle cost and annualized life cycle cost. As initial results for this system the mean photovoltaic efficiency was 10.9%.