Child Care

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dwikat, Rawan
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Health information record of a new-born is important for quality healthcare. Ideally, it should comprise digital record of growth, periodic health examinations and vaccination of a baby. The objective of this project is to design an app for awareness and health record managements of new-born up to five years of age, the awareness component is required for parents for specific requirements of the baby regarding baby's growth, mental and physical grooming and drug usage . for parents having physically challenged babies, it may also include guidance in the form of therapies or some kind of exercises and special treatments. Health record management component is required to keep track of growth of the baby and any illness ,the app will be connected with the mother all the time by sending alerts by notification on the mobile to tell her about any changes or advices that should occur for her baby life style to achieve a great health care ,also our app provides the mother with information about her child by a chart if his weight and length are proportional with his age . Vaccination is another component to help the parents and health care provides in better managements of vaccination. Finally , we want to add some questions to the mother to answer them about caring her child to rate her care and send a feedback to solve mistakes if it is presented .