Development of a Water Master Plan for Jenin Governorate (2020-2040)

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Ayah Basheer Dweikat
Amna Ali Melhem
Yasmeen Morad Nairat
Isra Hameed Balati
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Jenin Governorate is located in the northern part of West Bank in Palestine. The Population of Jenin was about 312,135 people according Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) for the 2017. According to the increasing in the population, the demand on water will increase, so there’s a need for new resources to bridge the gap of water that will appear in next years. The important aspects that should be covered in this project is find the future water demand and calculate the gap between the present and future water demand to propose a new water resources. Also having a plan to transport water from the source to facilities by tanker lines. The purpose of this project is to develop a Master plan for Jenin Governorate for the next 20 years. The Master plan will include a set of proposed projects to meet the future water requirement of the Population. To develop this Master plan, the study will go through the following steps: 1. Data collection. 2. Estimate the present water demand. 3. Estimate the future water demand. 4. Estimate the future water gap. 5. Proposed additional water resources. 6. Develop the needed infrastructure to transport water from the water resource to the localities of Jenin. 7. Develop an investigation plan. The main outcome is a Master plan for Governorate of Jenin. The main outcome of this master plan is an investment program for the water sector of Jenin Governorate.