The Technical and economic impact of solar system (500kw) on Network (Anabta as a case study )

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Salameh, Tahseen
Nassar, Mohammad
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Using ETAP, Medium Voltage case study of Anabta electrical distribution network was simulated and analyzed. We used PV system program in graduation project (1) to design 500 KWp grid tied PV systems .Then, the capacity of PV systems were increased and doubled, and each PV penetration level on the grid were simulated and investigated by modeling the one line diagram. Moreover, the PV systems using the simulator and the technical impacts regarding the power supply quality were examined. The detail design of these systems and the corresponding economical and financial assessment are illustrated in details as well. And this study to estimate the economic and financial indicators in order to compare between the proposed alternatives which is mainly based on the annuity cost of energy. A small community in Palestinian territories in Tulkarem governorate is taken as case study.