Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Tools At AL- Majd Furniture Factory

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Shtayeh, Abrar
Tbealeh, Majd
Salah, Nadwa
Jayyousi, Suna
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The goal of this project is to apply lean manufacturing tools in the wood sector, because the manufacturing processes in this sector generate a lot of waste and huge amount of scrap, so this philosophy was used to reduce waste, increase productivity and work efficiency. Some of common lean tools were implemented to satisfy this aim, such as 5s tools were helped in removed items that are no longer needed (sort), organize the items to optimize efficiency and flow (straighten or set in order), clean the area in order to more easily identify problems (shine), implement color coding and labels to stay consistent with other areas (standardize) and develop behaviors that keep the workplace organized over the long term (sustain). Performance before and after waste reductions was measured to ensure permanent realization of improvements. After implement 5s tools, the value stream mapping (VSM) tool was implemented to reduce production process waiting time for the bed and sofa as a final products. More over layout analysis was implemented based on line balancing technique, due to inappropriate layout, in order to reduce the ideal time for the worker and increase the efficiency of the production line. A fine improvement was appeared after the comparing between the existing situation and the aim One then the results as the following: total percent score before implement 5s is 27.7 % and after is 62.5 %, the Non -value added percentage before VSM for sofa = 3/19.5 = 15.38 % and after is 2/18.5 =10.85 %. Also for bed before = 4/15.3 =26.14 % and after is 3/14.3 = 20.9 %. Finally the balance efficiency after implement line balancing for layout is 80.6 %.