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Zabade, Shahd
Abu Zahra, Zahra
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To deal quickly with emergency situations such as fires and burglary operations, it has become necessary to have technology that gives the concerned authorities complete and detailed information about the situation to contribute to the speed of response, and reduce human and material losses first. Mostly, Drones are used for filming and collecting information, which leads to a loss of time and the risk of inaccuracy of information in these critical situations, so it becomes necessary to provide internal technology to perform this role quickly and effectively. Aman is a smart home system based on gathering the necessary information by reading the results of different types of sensors such as temperature, smoke, movement, etc. The response of the system depends on the level of risk. In the case of simple danger, the owner is alerted through a related phone application or even self-control. However, if there is a severe danger such as fire and burglary, the concerned authorities are notified and provided with all the necessary information to carry out a thoughtful and quick response.