Eng. Hasan Mathar

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Arafat, Adnan
Darwazeh, Mohy
Tanbour, Khalil
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Education in general is the basis on which the lives of people are based, and it has a great importance in life, as it works to help the person to distinguish between right and wrong and know their rights, and this leads to increased awareness of society and the growth of countries. Education in Palestine has a particular importance as it is considered a weapon towards stability, liberation and steadfastness. In order for the education process to be completed properly, the place of education, which is the school, must be properly prepared for the process to proceed in a successful way. In Palestine, there are many schools that suffer from problems in the building, whether they are functional or construction problems, and in this project one of these schools will be studied, which is the basic school of the Holy Quran Academy for boys, which is located in Nablus The aim of the project is to obtain an integrated design in three major aspects that need examination, these are: architectural, structural, and environmental aspects. The project will be done in two steps: the first step is studying and analyzing the current situation for the school with its details to assess its compliance with specifications and standards, the second step is designing a new school according to the conditions and requirements. At last, this project will include BIM system by “Revit” which is a great advantage.