Sustainable Housing Planning

This project came as a solution for the housing problem in Palestine, by taking the outlines of the Palestinian housing policies and the casted solutions by them, the sustainable housing was the best choice to solve the shortage of resources problem, the unaffordability in housing and the social problems in many areas. So this project aims to set up a new affordable and planned housing areas, to apply the principles and reach the goals of sustainability in the distribution of housing units, planning the spaces and locating the services, To make an attractive, efficient and successful housing project and to move the planning in Palestine to the next level and bring in new ideas and concepts instead of keeping the old planning methods and principles. After making weighted overlay for the entire west bank, the project site was chosen to be in Arraba Town, 11 km for Jenin city. The housing area should include sufficient open and green spaces, use local building materials, to integrate with the surrounding environment and to achieve as much as possible of sustainability.