Redesign the Faculty of Arts at Al-Najah National University

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Hatoo, Anas
Subhi, Isam
B’ara, Mohannad
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The project aims to Redesign the Faculty of Arts at Al-Najah National University from its all engineering aspects/elements, and to solve the problem found from the evaluation made in project 1. The project will conduct redesign for an already existed building to improve its previous performance and making new evaluation for the suggested solutions to check the performance of the new design. The importance of this project comes from its intensive use by students due to its variant main and complementary functions that required to serve many specializations among the Faculty. This particular faculty is chosen since there are a lot of engineering measurable problems that the students used to complain of. The important aspects that should be covered in the project are architectural, environmental, comfort and safety that could be observed by both the researchers and the users. The methodology of the research will cover several parts such as:Literature review to study the main measurable problems and deficiencies found in Project 1 of the Faculty of Arts in General such as architectural, civil, electromechanical, and environmental aspects. comparing the new design of the building to find out its, analyses will be conducted by researchers’ knowledge and measures quantitative. The final part will be the application of the findings on the project and compare the results with the current condition and check what should be modified and where. Cost will also be considered. By the end of this research project, the researchers will be capable to develop new design concepts and details that should solve all the existing deficiencies of the building.