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Al Saed, Zaina
Mahamdah, Nada
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The Application is available in both Arabic and English, expected users of the appli- cation are divided into two groups, admins and people who are concerned with some of interactive system features, the first part contains an admin panel that is made exclusively for employees of the department, there, an employee could push notifications of traffic tickets assigned to every user by either ID Number or Driving license Barcode or simply by Name, the admin panel also consists of a part for receiving traffic violations or accident reports from users, in addition to complaints, by recording current location, plate number, type of Vehicles. Another part of the system contains a special page for driving schools trainers, a trainer will have a profile to log all trainee information and to push notifications reminding him of lesson timing as well as filling the required report of lesson information(including tracking system of every lesson, lessons count, performance of the trainee..etc) and a chatting system between trainers and trainees as well as between employees and users. The other side of the application provides the facilities of such departments with a technical point of view; the driving license holder side application includes logging in with driving license barcode beside traditional methods of logging in, it also serves the feature of pushing automated notifications about licensing information such as expiration date, licensing information forms like renew driving license and online payment forms, online payment of traffic violations, moreover, it shows nearby accidents on maps, with an option to report any accident or traffic violation and track its status if its accepted or not, through notifications. For the trainees, a feature of testing your driving knowledge from performing online tests is added to contribute in reducing the rate of traffic accidents and to raise user’s awareness of traffic rules. Since you are ready, you could book official theoretical driving tests online by searching by location and date that fits you, check your driving tests results, locations of nearby driving schools and linking the user with driving schools and insurance companies to generate periodical reports of every user, and many more functionalities. The application will include features that are notification based to provide a new, easy and more efficient experience. It will also include a practical part to contribute in reducing the rate of traffic accidents like practicing stages of theoretical tests online to raise user’s awareness of traffic rules. The application used Geolocation Plugin for tracking system, Google maps API’s will also be used for determine current location.