Express Shopping

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Mohammed, Marabi
Abd Al-Rahman, Badran
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Shopping online inside Palestine is still at an early stage. Stores, restaurants and companies in Palestine ignore the importance of technology in keeping them in contact with customers. On the other hand, customers nowadays are looking for efficient ways of buying their stuff online as this could save them time and effort. Therefore, in this project a generic platform for selling, buying and delivering goods will be presented. The platform will provide an intermediate service between customers and stores, restaurants and companies. Users will be able to buy goods online using a payment method such as cash on delivery. The platform also allows users to see offers and search for products from different companies. This will provide them with an easy way to buy their favorite products from their favorite companies. Our service also allows stores, restaurants and companies to show their products in an organized way. Each store, restaurant and company will have its own page to add products, show offers, and give offers for special user. In addition to that, the platform will allow stores, restaurants and companies to receive feedback from their customers.