Developing of The Olynpic Villages

The Israeli Occupation and his restrictions imposed on the Palestinian people make it is necessary to have an outlet in the recreational activities, but with lack of Palestinian sports facilities ,it necessary to create a sports edifice containing all sports by Olympic standards to to attract international matches which strengthes internal Internal and external tourism . After we study the current situation of sports facilities, We have noticed a few number of stadiums with international standards and many historical places that need to promote tourism to increase tourism in the Palestinian territories, These places have historical and religious value of many Muslims and Christians All over the world. Hence was born the idea , where we focus on the Bethlehem city , which is the most tourist destination in Palestine that have many service facilities, hotels and strategic location near Jerusalem and Jericho city which is the only crossing for the population of the West Bank . The presence of the Palace of Conferences and the Solomon's Pools in addition to the AlKhader Stadium ,This combination of sports and tourism makes AL khader , Doha and Artas villages is the most appropriate place to develop the Olympic villages near the stadium and the Palace of conferences that we can use it to coverage the Olympic competitions. The Output of this study is master plan of the Olympic villages. It aims to creating an outlet for the Palestinian people and adding a motivation to stabilize the population in their lands and to make attention to the Palestinian countryside.