Claw Machine

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Khateeb, Nira
Suliman, Noor
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A claw machine is a vending machine and it’s a type of enjoyable game for children that is commonly found in Movie theatres, bowling, shopping malls, and Video arcades. claw machine helps children focus and motivates them to reach their future goals. A person who wants to get something from a claw machine must move the gripper to pick up a toy. If he or she succeeds, the toy will be fallen, otherwise, nothing will be earned. A claw machine is built in the form of a large box filled with toys. A gripper inside the machine can be manipulated in 3 directions (x, y,z ) with the use of gloves after the player enters a coin, and typically the claw machine only runs for a certain period of time, based on the coin entered forcing the user to move quickly if he or she wants to get something out of the claw machine. The gripper is controlled by gloves which have a flex sensor and a gyroscope sensor connected to NodeMCU(ESP8266 WeMos D1 Mini), the NodeMCU sends data to other NodeMCU(connected to Arduino Mega) using WiFi, the NodeMCU sends data to Arduino Mega using serial, and the Arduino Mega control gripper movements , gyroscope sensor moves in three directions (x, y) and this leads to move the gripper in three directions (right and left , Front and back ) depending on gyroscope movements, flex sensor movements leads to open and close the gripper, and to move the gripper up and down.