Structural Design of commercial center in the city of Tulkarm

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Basel Ahmad Sabbah
Hassan Osama Hamdallah
Yusuf Khalid Matani
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The primary goals of structural engineering are to meet the requirements for stability, strength and serviceability of structures. These requirements can be applied to one of the new projects or new design structures, and among these projects is the establishment of a new commercial center in the city of Tulkarm on the site of the old Nablus garages. This building consists of 10 floors, including three underground floors for garages. In this project, all structural aspects of the building like gravity loads will be studied considering analysis of all structural elements in the building. These includes slabs, beams, columns, footings, and stairs.During the project we worked on the (Etabs) program, we also used several codes such as (IBC 2018), (ASCE07-16) and (ACI318-14), and we attached the project with details of the structural elements through the (AutoCAD) program.