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Abdallah Adas
Mohammad Zaied
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Package delivery is important because it facilitates trade, provides convenience and simplifies the process of sending and receiving packages. It provides an efficient and convenient way for users to track their shipments and receive real-time updates on the status of their packages. This transparency helps build trust, provides peace of mind for both senders and recipients, creates job opportunities for a wide range of drivers, warehouse workers and employees, and greatly impacts our daily lives, the operation of businesses and economies. It continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of consumers and businesses in an interconnected world. The package delivery company project includes building a mobile application for customers, drivers, and the manager, and a website for employees and administrators. At the end of this project, the application was able to provide many services, the most important of which are: tracking packages, creating financial reports, auditing financial accounts, and distributing packages on a daily basis to drivers according to the line. The driver's route (his work area), and determining the driver's location on the map so that the company manager can monitor the drivers while driving.