Suggestions for Water Drainage in Bal’a Town

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Abed Alkareem Nedal Ghazal
Mohammad Abdelwahab Droubi
Ahmad Ibraheem Kharoubi –
Abbas Sami Abdallah
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Water is an essential source of life but it may be a problem if it isn’t drained well such as wastewater is a real problem if it is not drained and floods which occur if there were no way to drain it , there will be damages and losses in livings and constructions. Bal’a is a moderate town size, lies in eastern Tulkarem city. Bal’a has a population of 7822 capita, it has an existing water network with variable high percentage of losses arrived 57% in last December, Bal’a can’t use all network branches in the same time to reduce the percentage of losses. This problem is suggested in Graduation project I. Bal’a has a large area of urban residential with small population density and there is no sewer drainage system can cover the whole town. Bal’a has well annually rainfall arrived 617.5mm/year and it has high steep slope which causes floods in winter rainy days. The selection of this project came from the complains of shortage in water resources in Bal’a Town due to decreasing in well water level and High losses in Water network, the need for new sewer system to get rid of septic tanks which causes pollution for Bal’a groundwater And the damage due to small floods in rainy winter days which is due to high steep slope in Bal’a nature and the surrounding area. The project covers a new design for sewer drainage system of Bal’a Town and a new design of culverts on main streets to drain storm water. This project is important to be done because it is real effective solution to drain wastewater outside Bal’a and to stop damages occurs due to floods in winter by culverts. So, the objectives of this project are to design a new sewerage system to drain residential wastewater of Bal’a and to design culverts on Bal’a main streets to stop damages occurred by floods.