Production of high quality olive oil

dc.contributor.advisorBashir M.Y NOURI
dc.contributor.authorDarwesh Abd Al-Nabi
dc.contributor.authorHaif Ibrahim
dc.contributor.authorHazem Abuarra
dc.description.abstract   The aim purpose  of our project is to design a Machine which can be produced an oil; not any oil  ; the oil that possesses  a High Quality specifications  , by separate the Pit from the olive seeds and extraction the oil from the skin part only.   In our project  mill consists of three main parts : Feeder  , Conveyor , Separator .  The olive ( Olea europaea), is a species of a small tree in the family Oleaceae, native to the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean Basin (the adjoining coastal areas of southeastern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa) as well as northern Iran at the south end of the Caspian Sea.  Its fruit, also called the olive, is of major agricultural importance in the Mediterranean region as the source of olive oil. The tree and its fruit give its name to the plant family, which also includes species such as lilacs, jasmine, Forsythia and the true ash trees (Fraxinus). The word derives from Latin olva which in turn comes from the Greek (elaa) ultimately from Mycenaean Greek ("elaiva"). The word 'oil' in multiple languages ultimately derives from the name of this tree and its fruit.  The olive tree, Olea europaea, is an evergreen tree or shrub native to the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. It is short and squat, and rarely exceeds 815 metres (2649 ft) in height. The silvery green leaves are oblong in shape, measuring 410 centimetres (1.63.9 in) long and 13 centimetres (0.391.2 in) wide. The trunk is typically gnarled and twisted. Grinding        Grinding: is an abrasive machining process that uses a grinding wheel as the cutting tool. A wide variety of machines are used for grinding:  Hand-cranked knife-sharpening stones (grindstones)  Handheld power tools such as angle grinders and die grinders  Various kinds of expensive industrial machine tools called grinding machines  Principle of Grinding Machine        Every grinding operation can be described as a machining process with an undefined cutting edge because the angle of cut is in the range from about ( -45 to -80 ) , depending on the abrasive used (type of grain) and the conditions of use. Machining is not done here by only one cutter, as in processes with a defined cutting edge (milling, turning, `broaching etc.), but by a usually unknown number of individual cutters simultaneously. The effective number of cutters is not determined by individual grains, but by the conditioning (dressing and profiling). An indeterminate number      of tiny individual cutters is formed on a single grain by chipping      of the grain during conditioning, depending on the grain size,      the conditioning tool and the conditioning parameters.        There are many problems that  faced  us :  In the Metal Mesh Design: The problem is how to design the cylindrical shape from the mesh?.  In the Cutting Tools Design: The problem is how to make a complete grinding for the olive grains?   In Screw Conveyor Design: The problem is how to install it in the specific place without Influence on the sharp blades (triangular cutting tools)?   In the Ball Bearing Design: The problem is how to select a suitable bearing that carries a desired load without fracture.en
dc.titleProduction of high quality olive oilen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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