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AbuAwwad, Walaa
AbuHasan, Redab
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There is a need to extend the use of technology to enhance live procedures. In education, health care, ministries and transportation technology shows a great influence and positive effect. The department of transportation (DOT) in Palestine tries to includ e technology in transportation system, automated traffic light system[3] was the first shot. By taking safety of the student, driver and tester into consideration, a computerized driving license test (CDLT) will be introduced as the next step of improving technology in transportation. This research will show the data sampled from relevant participants. The analysis of the data shown in this research consider the advantages and disadvantages of adding or applying a computer based simulation to the traditiona l(current) testing system. A combination of each virtual and live training methods is suggested in order to get an applicable and suitable system and to get qualified drivers. The availability of manual training or testing scenarios is an influencing facto r, so we introduce a system to mimic the infrastructure of a virtual city roads, this scenario must be relevant to test the learning of the driving training and testing by using a close comparable scenarios to the available manuals, using randomness to giv e a great feeling of reality, in order to do so, we used unity game engine to design a game to simulate the whole process.