Engineering Association-Nablus Branch Redesign

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Ba’ara, Ahmad
Haqash, Mohammad
Faqeeh, Waleed
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Nablus Engineering Association which is thought to be the place where engineers belong and its importance for the community and the engineering offices and companies were the reason why it was chosen for the project to be about. The Engineers Syndicate is concerned with the affairs of the engineer at various levels. In this context, the Engineers Association plays a professional, scientific, administrative and social role, as well as having two dimensions, national and external. The Engineers Syndicate has a professional role in its activities aimed at developing and upgrading the profession, as well as its services to its members. The main idea of this project is evaluating the building environmentally, architecturally, structurally and the effectiveness of the electro-mechanical systems using the available standards and programs such as AutoCAD and Design Builder depending on the drawings and plans we were able to get, so we will utilize the goods and improve the errors if exist to be pure from errors as possible as we can.