Design and manufacturing Sheep feeding machine

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Majed Bani Jaber
Mothanna Haidariah
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The aim of this project is to design and fabricate pellet feed machine for goat animal that can be used in households. The machine consists of major parts such as hopper, chamber, two rollers, plate die, transmission system, and machine frame. The machine was driven using 1hp electric motor. The machine operates using roller compression mechanism to force the feed material mixture (Barley, bran, wheat, salt and corn) out of the plate die holes. As the rollers rotate on the plate die surface, a compression pressure is created on the feed material mixture particles to fill the plate die holes and come out as solid cylindrical shape pellet with specific diameter and length according the type of feeding animal. The machine design has over all dimensions of 400mm width by 600 mm length and 1200mm height. It can produce feed pellet of 8mm in diameter and 7mm long and 0.15gram weight. The machine capacity was design to produce 50 kg/hr of feed pellet production. Since the full-scale model was very expensive for fabricated, a prototype model was fabricated at AL-Galboni company in Jenin city. The company allow the project team to use the manufacturing machines such as drilling, folding, welding, bending, turning, and CNC machine to fabricate the prototype model for free cost. The fabrication of the machine parts is described briefly in chapter five. The machine operates but still need calibration for the percentage of the feed material mixture to produce the required size of the solid cylindrical shape feed pellet.