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Ethar Suwan
Shahd Lubbadeh
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A color mixer device that allows users to enter RGB (Red, green, blue ) values of their desired color via a keypad or mobile application. The mobile app will enable users to take a picture of the color or upload an image from their gallery and scan the color needed. Arduino Mega and UNO will be used as the microcontrollers of this mixing device, the two microcontrollers will communicate serially, Arduino Mega will be the master one which will receive the commands from the user and orchestrate the different parts of the device, the Arduino UNO will be responsible of controlling the motors that are used to pull the colors depending on the commands that it receives from the Mega. When a command of mixing with the RGB values as parameters is received by the Mega enta, Yellow, microcontroller will convert the RGB values to CMYK (Cyan, MagBlack) values and calculate the right amount of each color to produce the desired color, then checking if there is enough amount of color in each cup also it will check if a cup is inserted to generate the output color in, if the checks are passed, Arduino Mega will send command to the Arduino UNO to control the dc gear motors that is attached to syringe using Hbridge to pull the required amount from every color and then emptying the syring in colors to the output cup. A motor will then mix the CMYK produce the desired result . This device will benefit artists and art students by reducing the time and cost of color mixing. Additionally, it will eliminate the need to mix multiple shades of a color to mixing machines that are expensive and -intachieve the right hue. Unlike existing paoften lack mixing features, this device will be designed specifically for artists and art mixing machines-effective alternative to traditional paint-students, providing a cost.