Skid Resistance Study of Black Spots in Selected Streets in Nablus City

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Areen Abu Sheikah
Rassmya Nazzal
Ahmad Saify
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Driving safety is important in the automotive and transportation systems industries. Skid resistance on sidewalks has long been recognized as the most important factor in reducing traffic accidents, especially in wet conditions. Knowing the coefficient of friction and skid resistance is very valuable information to enhance road safety. Good road surface construction is very important to reduce road accidents caused by slipping problem. Thus, it is important to find suitable methods for measuring the slip resistance and friction properties of the pavement surface. There is a wide variety of measurement methods and devices for measuring skid resistance. Several instruments were used, such as the British pendulum that was used in this research. Previous studies showed the dependence of friction resistance on several factors, the most important of which are the humidity condition and temperature, the asphalt mixture that makes up the street asphalt, and the percentage of bitumen used. In addition care must be taken to adhere to specifications to ensure an appropriate friction value for street, also to regular street maintenance. In this study, field readings were taken of the slip resistance of black dots in the streets of the western region of the city of Nablus in humid conditions and then analyzed the data of the study and compared it with the specifications and suggested appropriate economic solutions for the streets that did not meet the specification. The aim of this project is to take advantage of these data to investigate the effects of slip resistance Pavement on traffic accidents. The project team found the following: the lowest value of skid resistance number was 38 for the following streets: Yaffa Street; specifically in two locations (Matab opposite Al-Saad Furniture) and Ain Al-Sabiyan near Al-Rashad School (junction). Al Montazah Street got the same value and also in two locations; in front of (the family garden at the bend) and at the traffic light (near Annab Restaurant) .Another value that equals 39 was obtained at the beginning of Yaffa street junction. At the roundabout, the lowest value was 46 on Tunis Street (Tunis roundabout from the side of the Malhees Factory). As for the slopes, the lowest value was 43 at the beginning of Al-Ain camp. Based on the data available in the study of the previous team, these places are the most exposed to accidents.