Design of Future Transportation System For Palestine Technical University

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Shayeb, Mahmoud
Saadeh, Bashar
Jammal, Firas
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Abstract In the last period, after looking at the amount of complaints of traffic congestion in the city generally and in the university specially, it was necessary to find a solution using a certain sequence to facilitate traffic inside and outside the university. In our work, the target groups are university students and their employees. In general, studies have been carried out with the aim of assessing the current status of the level of service of sidewalks and streets for pedestrians and vehicles , In addition to studies on parking in order to assess the current status of the level of service of the parking inside and outside the university, and Studies on public transport, the number of passengers, their destination and the extent to which students accept the availability of new services. After the collected data been analyzed, it has been found that most of the intersections and streets suffer from traffic congestion, and the level of service for students and vehicle is low in the current situation then estimated the level of service to the streets and intersections after 15 years and the results showed the failure of most of them. after that ,the information analyzed for external and internal streets was used as input and indications for redesigning the streets in a manner consistent with analyzes. So that the rotors are designed for the outside intersections. Inside the campus, new streets, parking lots and intersections are designed to serve the needs of the future university. In the long-term plan, a special parking(Multi story parking garage) will be designed for students on campus suitable for study needs.