3D Analysis and Design Maythoon Police Station

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herzallah, Yara
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Maythalon police station is located in Jenin city in Palestine. The aim of the establishment of this building is to protect people in the village and to punishment criminals. This project, which is constructed in 2012. This building is divided into two parts, the first part consists of ground floor, one top floors, and staircase and the second part consists of two floors with a total area 842.2 m2. The first floor consists of an officer Dormitory, three common Dormitory, two officer bed rooms and bath rooms with an area of 297.4 m2.In addition, the ground floor has a kitchen server , Canteen , Holding cells , Interrogation ,Waiting areas , Briefing room , Server room , Admin room , Chief room , Armory , Reception , OPS room , Radio room , Female QT and Dining room with an area of 482 m2.Finally, the stair floor with an area is 48 m2 . Structural model will be analyzed and designed by using computer software (SAP2000), and the results will be checked by hand calculations. In addition, AutoCAD will be used in drawing sections and details. The structural elements will be designed as reinforced concrete members according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in ACI 318, for seismic design IBC will be used.