Construction Site Safety

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Adnan, Abdulrahman
Deeb, Amr
Aslan, Eyad
Alsayeh, Muiz
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The construction industry is an essential national backbone, especially for developing countries. Poor project performance and lack of construction control could have long-reaching detrimental effects on slowing down the country’s development pace, and due to the impact of safety control on improving the construction industry., The purposes of this study are. Identify the most frequent risks in construction projects, the main causes of these risks and recommends the most significant actions that should be followed to minimize the consequences of these risks. Really, a structured mobile application has been developed the to be used bythe safety supervisor or safety engineer in order to collect information about safety implementation from the construction site in order to enhance safety management process and decision making to minimize injuries and fatalities. . The risk assessment have been performed through questionnaire, which has been distributed to parties involved in construction. The results shows that the most significant hazards that usually occur in construction sites are: (1) falling debris, materials or objects, (2) Overexertion and (3) slips and falls. The results show that these accidents are very common in the West Bank also those accidents happen frequently due to three main reasons the first reason result from not following the minimum safety requirements, the second reason results from not working as a team in the construction sites which leads to exposing the lubbers to danger because of the negligence from one of the labors, finally the interviews with the labors show that there is a gap in their safety culture which lead to not following the safety procedure moreover, this gap results from the lack of training the labors on safety requirements. Furthermore, the application has been applied on a small project located at Nablus, the application achieved the expected results from it, and this proves that the application could be applied on any project, also the application may improve in the future in order to consider the whole stages of any project.