Design a Sewer System of Asira Al Shamaliya

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محمد ابو هنود
حمزة ياسين
سعدي سوالمة
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Asira Al Shamaliya lacks a wastewater collection and treatment system. It suffers the disposal of the sewage using percolation/cesspits. The pits floods sometimes and pollute the soil, groundwater and causes environmental and social problems. The project estimates the population and their densities for Asira Al-Shamaliya town up to the planning horizon of 2053, and evaluates the water consumption and the wastewater production. It defines the area to be served and divides it into main catchments according to the exiting situation using the topographical map and site visits. The methodology covered: - Information and data collection: this includes the nature of the project area, its climate, water resources, water consumption, statistical information, contour mapping, etc. - Preparing and applying a questionnaire and analyzing it. It covers Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) practices among the households in Asira Al Shamaliya. - Evaluate the current wastewater situation and design a sewage network identifying design standards and requirements. The analysis and design is to use the computer programs; Sewer Cad, Civil 3D and Arc Map 10.8). The project includes the description of the current water and sanitation situation in Asira Al Shamaliya town. A sewage collection network is to be designed covering most of areas of Asira Al Shamaliya twon. Although there have previous project and studies covering the wastewater collection for Asira Al Shamaliya, but it has been never implemented. This project has considered the recent and updated information. It also to prepare tender documents and Bill of Quantities.