Management System For Sanad Society

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Anwar Amar
Saja Saif
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Social media can be de ned as a technology that facilitates the ex- change of ideas and information through communication between vir- tual societies, and it mainly depends on the presence of the Internet- connected to computers, tablets, or phones, and it enables users to quickly access content that may be personal information, or docu- ments, videos, or pictures. Social media websites are usually used to interact with friends and family, and they have become a way to reach customers to promote products and services, and the number of users of these sites reaches more than 3 billion users around the world; 90% of them are between 18 to 29 years old. Hence, we came up with the idea of the rst graduation project, "Yellow Guide", by designing a website and a mobile application that facilitates the search and access to the site of a particular store, ob- taining more details about this store, such as its phone number, store category, rates from other users, details about the opening hours of the store. It also shows the location of this store on the map or show them as a list that contains all the information about this store and how far the store is from the user, this is from the user's side. On the other hand, the application helps stores' owners to add their stores to the application after the o cial approval. They will be able to announce their stores with their exact locations so that the application takes the coordinates of their location and adds it to the map. The application also allows them to add more details about their stores, they can add o ers last for one day then send a noti cation for each user who added this store to his favorites. So the most important process in our application is that it helps users to reach a speci c stores whether they have previous knowledge of the name of this shop, so the person enters the name of the store