Analysis and design of the municipal stadium coverage

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Abdulrahman zyoud
Iz-deen Bani Odeh
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The project represents one of the most important monuments in the city of Nablus. The design of the playground stadium having an area of 3360m2 and containing two sides from the eastern and western sides only, with an area of 1680m2 each and 15m cantilever coverage. We chose to design a steel structure because this type of structures is more suitable for such a long span structure because of its high strength compared to concrete. There are some challenges faced, in the beginning lack of information and somewhat different from reality, such as some columns had offsets from alignment, also there are variation in coverage heights, due to existence of sports suspension room. Thus, we designed each of them separately, and then we linked them together. Getting coverage that protects the public from sunlight and other weather conditions to ensure the public's comfort, and giving an aesthetic appearance to the structure is one objective. The other objective is to provide a safe and economical design of all structural elements, all possible loads have been studied, modern structural codes have been followed and computer programs used while also performing manual checks to provide practical, fully detailed structural drawings, which can be used later for a bid. All of this was achieved by studying and understanding the project, estimating the different types of loads on the structure, assuming preliminary dimensions for structural elements. Then, modelling the structure on modern computer programs like SAP2000 based on the last updated global structural codes, such as American society of civil Engineers (ASCE7-16), and so on.