Applying Management Systems for Educational Organizations-ISO 21001:2018 in Industrial Engineering department at An-Najah National University

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AbuZarour, Hind
Hamarshi, Saja
Kalbouneh, Lina
Rehan, Shaymaa
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There is a critical and continuous need for educational organizations to evaluate the degree to which they meet the requirements of learners and other beneficiaries, as well as other relevant interested parties and to improve their ability to continue to do so. Based on Industrial Engineering department’s policy of continuous improvement in their educational quality, there is a need to implement an effective quality system to meet learners’ and other beneficiaries’ requirements. This project specifies requirements for a management system for educational organizations (EOMS)-ISO 21001:2018, in Industrial Engineering department at An-Najah National University. ISO 21001:2018 is the international standard for educational organization systems, Management Systems for Educational Organizations (EOMS) acts as a common management tool for organizations providing educational products and services capable of meeting learners and other beneficiaries’ requirements. This standard does not apply to organizations that only produce or manufacture educational products. This standard must be clarified that it applies to all types of educational providers, including primary, middle, and high schools, university settings, training providers, the public and private education sectors, and so on. The EOMS does not apply just to schools or higher education institutions; it also refers to any organization that uses a curriculum to offer, share, and transmit information and knowledge. The implementation of this standard in educational activities would provide a methodological foundation for addressing issues of educational quality and accessibility. The idea of implementing ISO 21001: 2018 started from studying the fourth point in SDGs, which is the quality of education, and because this standard was not applied in the university, work was done to implement it, so it was divided over two semesters (Project 1 and Project 2) according to a systematic plan to complete all the steps and clauses in the ISO 21001:2018, except the points related to mantel special needs learners because there is no chance from beginning to learn in engineering collage, those who are movement special needs are included in our implementation. Finally, at graduation project “2” the group implemented the standard’s requirements in order to fill the discovered gaps at graduation project”1”. The main deliverable of this project is “Quality Manual” which provide the detailed implemented documents.