Analysis and design of the conference center of the Islamic university

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Abd Alrahman Abu Eideh
Izzideen Yaish
Manar Abu Zahra
Mohammed Masri
Sabeeh Masri
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In this report, detailed structural analysis and design of the conference center of the Islamic University in Al Madina El Monawara. The building consists of a main conference hall, meeting rooms, lecture Rooms, press cabins, VIP Restaurant, Kitchen, Prayer room, Store, Administrative offices, Bath Room, conference rooms, media center, an exhibition center, parking facilities and services. The building is a reinforced concrete structure that consists of six blocks, 3 floors in addition to the roof either concrete roof or steel roof, with a total area of 23460 m2. Analysis and design of the building considering gravity and seismic loads. In part one of the project, the building will be carried out modeled, analyzed and designed considering gravity loads only. In part 2, the analysis and design of the buildings for seismic loads will be done. The analysis and design process start by basic assumptions for both loads and dimensions. SAP2000 and ETABS for both analyzing and designing will be used.