High Strength Concrete

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عبد الله شحادة
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محمد همشري
ترنيم قبها
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Concrete is the most important material in construction, it is used in almost all the structural elements in concrete structures. For example, concrete is poured into slabs, columns, beams and footings. This gives concrete a significant and critical role in construction. Due to this importance, concrete should be designed and prepared in a way that makes it workable, and strong enough. Without all those factors taken into consideration, concrete may fail which causes a failure in the structural element or even the whole structure. This study will mainly cover one of the most common characteristics of concrete, which is concrete strength. As well as multiple other characteristics to be kept in range according to Palestinian Specifications, workability mixing ratios and methods etc. In Palestine, the strongest concrete mix used is B400. However, it is rarely used, in some large projects where more floors are built. Hence, this study will aim at preparing a new, stronger concrete mix that can be used for even larger projects in the future, and at the same time, keeping all other specifications in range. This concrete mix is supposed to be having a strength of 600 kg/cm2 , categorized as B600 concrete. The methodology of the preparation process of samples will be done using specific steps, such as using certain aggregate gradations, specified water/cement ratio and using certain additives with known percentages such as water reducing agents WRA (such as superplasticizer) and accelerators. As well as defining the proportions and components of concrete. An in-detail demonstration of the mixing process itself is made, such as mentioning the equipment and material used and how each equipment was exactly used in order to get the final mix done and ready to use. As mentioned earlier, this concrete mix is not usually used in Palestine. Besides no previous studies were made before in An-Najah University to prepare a concrete sample with this strength. Therefore, it is our goal to design and prepare this new high compressive strength concrete mix so it can be used for projects that are larger, more complex and subjected to massive and heavy loads. Finally, cost analysis were made to the mix design that achieved the required compressive Strength.